Republic of Poland

Year 2017

LiveNutrition "Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas" project

The staff and PhD students of Faculty of Biology and Animal Science at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences took part in short-term joint staff training events organized under the LiveNutrition "Rational Livestock Nutrition in Rural Areas" project.

Wrocław Scholarship for research on inclusion

Marta Konikiewicz, a doctoral student at the Department of Systematics and Ecology of Invertebrates, have become a laureate of Ludwik Hirszfeld scholarship for outstanding achievements in the area of biological and medical sciences of the Student Scholarship Program.

The winners of the Quarry Life Award

Houses for lonely bees and shelters for bumblebees, rare species, flower meadows and a 3D map of research areas – and all this on the grounds of the Górażdże mine. Students and graduates of WUELS have won the Quarry Life Award.