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Kazachstan - JSC "Science Fund"

JSC „Science Fund”  zainteresowane jest współpracą międzynarodową w projektach Horyzont 2020 w następujących obszarach: production of ecologically harmless hydrokinetic heaters of liquid preparation, design and experimental works and production of windpower plant with automatic change of blade-swept area, development of technology of obtaining, saving, transport and firing reactive water carbonic fuel, development and production of vortex heat generator, production of heat pump units for residential, public and manufacturing buildings heating, creation of nanostructured sorbents of new generation, cables with improved flame retardant properties, nanobiostimulators – biologically active extracts (fusicoccin), instruction to agricultural production of promising lines of accelerated technology of virusfree mini-tuber (super-elite, elite), development and implementation of technology of methane extraction from coal deposits on the basis of degradation of natural “coal-gas” system.