Republic of Poland

Abstracs & posters





Abstracts should be written in English; they should not be longer than 1 page (up to 3000 characters), written with 12 points Times New Roman; leave 2.5 cm wide margins; line spacing: 1.5

Suggested arrangement of contents:




Text of abstract

The abstracts will not be edited; the authors bear full responsibility for the correctness of contents and language of their abstracts!

Please submit your abstract as an attachment to an e-mail message sent to:


Oral presentations

  1. A PowerPoint (Office 2000) presentations should be handed in to the organizers on a CD or a memory stick on the day the presentation has been scheduled for
  2. Duration: 20 minutes for full paper, 10 minutes for short communication (in both cases including the discussion).
  3. Oral presentations should be prepared in English.
  4. The presenters will have access to a multimedia projector and an overhead projector.



Posters should be prepared in English; poster size: 80 cm x 100 cm.