Republic of Poland

Year 2018

Veterinary Medicine's student won INTERSTUDENT competition

When Safoura came to Poland she didn’t know the language but she knew she wanted to study veterinary medicine. After four years, not only does she speak fluent Polish but she’s also just won the INTERSTUDENT competition for the best students studying in Poland.

Man and dog – a life-saving team

WUELS’ veterinarians are going to treat GOPR, WOPR and OSP dogs, and their guardians talk about choosing and training dogs which save lives, what a search mission with dogs’ involvement looks like, and why anyone becomes a voluntary rescuer at all.

WUELS' veterinarians are going to treat search and rescue dogs

Dog rescuers from WOPR, GOPR and OSP have been taken into specialistic veterinary care at WUELS.