Republic of Poland

Year 2012

There are more bats!

The eleventh action of a bats count has finished in the undergrounds of the central part of the fortified military defense line between Odra and Warta rivers. According to the initial data the number of the mammals rose by 8 thousand last year.

Balanced technologies in environmental protection

From 15 to 17 December the University of L’Aquila in Italy played host to the participants of the project TEMPUS EACEA N° 32/2010 „Environment protection through development and application of sustainable Agriculture Technologies – EPASAT”.

Kirgiz is not dismounting a horse.

There was an exhibition in the Didactic and Scientific Center highlighting contributions from the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in expanding the Bologna Process to countries in Middle Asia and Russia.

History lesson taken from anthropologists

What did archeologists and anthropologists discover in their search for the identities of communist terror victims? Students from the Student Scientific Circle of Anthropologists heard the answer to that question from participants taking part in exhumations in Osobowice.

First European Student Conference TRIZ

Participants of the first European Student Conference TRIZ, which took place from 24th to 27th February at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences, discussed systematic approach to problem solving.

Paleontology is always under our feet

Following the completion of major renovation to the main building of the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław, the building appears as brand new - though in a forgotten classic style. Its wonderful illumination at night is even better than the view on Ostrów Tumski.

Commercialized Geocomposites

A licensing agreement regarding water-sorbing geocomposites has been reached at the University of Environmental Life and Sciences in Wrocław.

Rhinoceros Autopsy

How would you go about transporting a rhinoceros to Wrocław? Where would you perform an autopsy on such a large animal? How thick should the ropes be for lifting the 2.5-ton creature? How many people will be needed to lift its legs to make an incision? How sharp should the knife be?

100th anniversary of the discovery od Machu Picchu

 Machu Picchu At the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Faculty of Food Science celebrates its 35th anniversary

The Faculty of Food Science is the youngest – in terms of the number of its staff members – of five Faculties of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.