Republic of Poland

Year 2015

Biocervin: news from the world

Biocervin is a unique, world scale project thus the scientists working on it present it at the biggest international conferences.

British idea for fighting famine

What to do in order to harvest 20 tons of wheat from one hectare? Polish scientists, who are taking part in the British 20:20 Wheat project, are looking for an answer to this particular question. The project is being conducted at the Rothamsted Research Institute.

Replacing antibiotics

Only the 34 best were selected out of 350 submitted projects, and Doctor Marta Kuźmińska-Bajor from the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław was among those awarded. She received a money prize in the LIDER programme for research on bacteriophages which could replace antibiotics in treating, among others, Salmonella.

Young face of Polish science with global range

Six young scientists from the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław received scholarships of the Minister of Science. In total nearly 50 million PLN has been distributed.

GEO-INFO-HYDRO – scientific center worthy of the 21st century

The most cutting edge equipment. The best conditions for scientific research and teaching. Geo-Hydro-Info will officially open together with the new academic year, but we would like to show how proud we are of this investment already today.

Diamond boy

Two hundred thousand for research, including a monthly salary for a researcher. Although lower than the national average, which student would not want to receive two and a half thousand for their needs. And in addition, the possibility of doing a doctorate together with their master studies.

Geocomposites – an opportunity for farmers and plant lovers

Modern technologies support plant vegetation – characteristic features of geocomposites will be discussed on Tuesday 31st March by the scientists who created them. Practical uses of geocomposites will be presented during the conference.

We are helping a student from Nepal!

Anushka Tuladhar is studying veterinary medicine at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław. She lost her baby sister in the tragic earthquake and her family lost all their property. Help us help her!  

Tropical agriculture at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Biochemistry, world food economy and market interference. Meteorology and hydrology. Genetics and plant protection. These are some of the courses included in the new field of study “Basics of tropical agriculture”, which is the only one of its kind in Poland.

TANGO from our scientist will help weather forecasters

750 000 PLN – that is the amount of money granted to the project of Doctor Witold Rohm from the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics. The total amount of money allocated in the competition within the scope of the TANGO project amounted to 40 million PLN.