Republic of Poland

Intake May-September 2017

Spring has fully come to Wrocław city as well as the new intake for study courses staring this fall in the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS)! Again the candidates will have a chance to develop their knowledge and gain in-depth education in the field of natural sciences.

This year for summer intake we offer 27 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate study courses in Polish language. The full list of those courses may be found on our Admission Office website:


If you would like to study in English the University offers three interesting courses staring on the 1st of October 2017:

Veterinary Medicine- uniform Master’s Study Course

Study adventure for 11 semesters for all animal lovers and inquisitive learners. High level of education has been confirmed by European Organization- EAEVE and the Polish Accreditation Committee. Our Veterinary Medicine diplomas are recognized and approved in the whole European Union. Obligatory internships and practical classes help students to put knowledge into practice. Why not take a chance and gain proper medical education in the WUELS?

Principles for Tropical Agriculture- Undergraduate Study Course

Study course granting the Engineer’s professional title lasts 7 semesters. Are you willing to face the challenge of growing demand for food in international markets and be practically involved in finding the solution for it? Research projects and vocational training will equip you to perform well as managerial staff in the local and global realm. Exemption from tuition fees for the last semester of study is offered to all students.

Laboratory Techniques in Biology- Master’s Study Course

Unique possibility to deepen you knowledge in the field of microscopic techniques as well as cell and tissue culture methods. Our laboratories are equipped with high-tech apparatuses with the Polish Centre for Accreditation certificate serving for business and academic purposes. The 4-semester course will prepare you to work as specialists in laboratories of various profiles.
Lower tuition fees are available for EU/ EEA citizens and exemption from tuition fees for the last semester of study is offered to all students.

Please visit our Admission Office website for details on study plans, tuition fees and registration.