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Polish Innovation Award for WUELS Diagnostic Centre

8 November 2017

WUELS Experimental Diagnostics and Innovative Biomedical Technologies Centre distinguished with Polish Innovation Award 2017.

During the 5th Polish Entrepreneurship Congress organized by Polish Entrepreneurship Agency and editorial board for „Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” one of the Polish Innovation Award recipients was Experimental Diagnostics and Innovative Biomedical Technologies Centre at WUELS Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The award was received personally by prof. Józef Nicpoń, the president, who emphasized the centre’s success is based on courage on the one hand and expertise on the other.

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, WUELS, prof. Józef Nicpoń
Prof. Józef Nicpoń: – Our asset is our new diagnostic equipment
fot. Tomasz Lewandowski

– It all begun with a bold plan to create a modern, innovative centre, then it was necessary to acquire funding for said centre, to involve scientists who would create collaborative scientific projects, and of course to equip the newly created centre – tells us prof. Józef Nicpoń, adding that one of the milestones in the centre’s history was the purchase of a high-field open MRI, the first one to be at veterinarians’ disposal in Lower Silesia.

– We’ve assembled a team whose main attribute is professionalism. Our technicians who studied human medicine are currently working in the field of animal medicine. And our continual qualifications improvement has proven effective, nowadays we are presenting our analyses at international scientific conferences, for example at the International Society of Veterinary Neurology conference – adds prof. Nicpoń.

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, WUELS, prof. Józef Nicpoń
While accepting the award, prof. Józef Nicpoń emphasized that the centre’s quality of work is determined by the team
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The greatest success was taking part in a multi-purpose Research and Development Centre’s project „Demonstrator Plus” whose research in cardiology, neurology and gastroenterology was conducted at WUELS. The project enabled development of advanced medical techniques but it also created the possibility of building a team of fine specialists in neurobiology, neurosurgery and invasive cardiology.

– The examination on big animals that we perform is undoubtedly unique at an international level. A considerable amount of experimental publications is based on the results gathered from a rodents’ model – mostly mice and rats’. They make up a very important, rudimentary branch of experimental knowledge, however not all of them can be used in human medicine. We have overcome that barrier – prof. Nicpoń emphasizes proudly.