Republic of Poland

Year 2018

The Good Beer Academy – medals for the best

For the second time we have awarded diplomas and medals to the best beers taking part in the Good Beer Academy competition. Jury was headed by Rafał Kowalczyk, an international judge who emphasized a high standard of the competition where over 80 beers were evaluated.

One world, one health. WUELS discusses pharmacology and toxicology

Human health cannot be separated from animal and plant health, as well as the condition of the environment we live in. The idea of “One Health” is being discussed in Wrocław by veterinary pharmacologists and toxicologists.

Serval – the wild cat examined at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Serval is a wild cat native to Africa. A 12-year old male weighing 18 kilograms, currently living in the Borysew zoo, arrived to be examined at the WUELS Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.