Republic of Poland

Year 2019

Results of the first Initiative of Excellence competition announced!

The results of the first Initiative of Excellence competition, which selected a group of the top 20 Polish universities fighting for the status of research universities, have been announced.

Animations about disciplines: biology

Biological sciences - the third animation about the leading disciplines of UPWr describes the main research areas of our scientists in this field.

Animations about disciplines: veterinary medicine

The second animation about the seven leading disciplines of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences is devoted to veterinary medicine.

Animations about scientific disciplines: food

UPWr has seven leading scientific disciplines in which it educates students and doctoral students, and carries out scientific research. Short animated films are being created for each discipline - the first in the series is devoted to food and nutrition technology.

UPWr scientists with Opus 16 grants

Researchers from UPWr have obtained grants from Opus 16. They will study the metabolic pathways of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, the interaction of soil organic matter with pesticides, resistance of birds to Shiga toxins and physicochemical and biological properties of sterol glycerides.

Decency is not something that can be decreed

Counteracting inequalities and mobbing is one of the requirements of the European Charter for Researchers

Two years of UPWr with HR Logo

Two years ago, the European Commission granted UPWr the Logo of HR, but also ordered remedial actions to be carried out. In September, we submitted an evaluation report on the changes – what has improved?

PROM – we have won another project for young scientists

National Agency for Academic Exchange has again granted UPWr funds for the international exchange of doctoral students and young academics – this time over 1million PLN.

UPWr and Saxonian association for food

Creation of a UPWr Educational Centre in Radomierz is one of the outcomes of a cross-border agreement signed by our University with the Christlich-Soziales Bildungswerk Sachsen e.V. (CSB) association.

Our people in the Council of Scientific Excellence

Professor Agnieszka Kita, Professor Jacek Bania and Professor Andrzej Kotecki have been elected for the Council of Scientific Excellence (RDN). On the whole, 141 scientists were chosen representing different scientific disciplines distinguished by the Act 2.0.