Republic of Poland

Year 2020

UPWr graduates received Polish Space Agency awards

Two UPWr students have received the Scientific Award of the Polish Space Agency President in the second competition for the best student diploma paper in the field of space engineering.

Animations about disciplines: agriculture and horticulture

In the series of animations about leading scientific disciplines at our University, we present the most important problems to which solutions are sought by scientists around the world and also at UPWr. Today we present the discipline of agriculture and horticulture.

“Student-inventor” for the third time in the UPWr Department of Chemistry

Mateusz Łużny – together with his team – has won the title of “Student-inventor” for a series of 45 inventions related to the production of flavonoid compounds. This is the third consecutive victory for a PhD student from the UPWr Department of Chemistry.

SynBio4Flav - industrial production of flavonoids thanks to synthetic biology

11 scientific and business partners, including UPWr, take part in the first H2020 RIA project at our University – the goal is to implement standardized production of plant flavonoids in synthetic microbial consortia.

LTRs win Horizon 2020 grants

Two cooperating Leading Research Teams – WCE and SpaceOS – have become partners of the international WATERAGRI project which is looking for new ways of managing water in agriculture and can improve plant production.

EPOS-PL+ - 8 million PLN for UPWr

7 partners and over 52 million PLN for the European Plate Observing System. This project is included in the Polish Research Infrastructure Road Map and is part of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium.

FoodSHIFT2030 - Wrocław food supply zone

Creating municipal community gardens, supporting local farmers, informing residents about where to buy local products in their area, educating children – UPWr is taking part in another H2020 project.

Further grants for UPWr

Researchers from UPWr have obtained grants from the Sonatina 3, Sonata 14 and Miniatura 3 programs. They will study the genetics of legumes with the aim of creating new varieties, the impact of electromagnetic field on flax, how to better treat breast cancer and the use of brewer's spent grain.

Results of the first Initiative of Excellence competition announced!

The results of the first Initiative of Excellence competition, which selected a group of the top 20 Polish universities fighting for the status of research universities, have been announced.

Animations about disciplines: biology

Biological sciences - the third animation about the leading disciplines of UPWr describes the main research areas of our scientists in this field.