Republic of Poland

Year 2010

A mathematician from the Catholic University in Leuven has been granted the title of honorary professor

Rector Professor Roman Kołacz, who welcomed the invited guests by recalling the history and roots of the University, opened the University ceremony, which took place on Saturday the 18 December in John Paul II hall.

65th anniversary of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was kicked off by a speech delivered by Dean Professor Jan Twardon. This was followed by an address from Professor Roman Kołacz, rector of the Wrocław University of Environmental Life and Sciences.

Wild animals have their own treatment and rehabilitation center

A new center for treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals has begun formal operations in Złotówek. The opening ceremony took place on the 4 October, which was also the anniversary as World Animal Day.

Declaration from Pawłowice put into effect – Wrocław Academic Union created

The rectors of seven Wroclaw universities and academies, including the rector of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Professor Roman Kołacz), have signed an agreement concerning the foundation of the Wrocław Academic Union.

„Solidarity Wrocław” – 30 years later

One of the events of Wrocław commemoration of NSZZ Solidarność foundation was the opening ceremony of the exhibition „Solidarity Wrocław”. This included representatives from local and state authorities as well as many of the heroes from the historic events of 30 years ago.

WISHES and STARS promoting Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Wrocław University of Environmental Life and Sciences has joined the WISHES and STARS project, which includes seventy European Universities.

New scientific and industrial consortium

Conducting common research projects and implementing scientific research results are only a few of the main goals achieved by the newly formed consortium, which also conducts research concerning veterinary medicine, medicine and biotechnology.

Videoconference with Ural State Agricultural Academy in Yekaterinburg

If the universities, which want to start cooperation, are hundreds kilometers apart, it is still possible to arrange a meeting and setting all the conditions of such cooperation without unnecessary expenses and time-consuming travels.

Vice-chancellors’ portraits and new decor

From today portraits may be admired of vice-chancellors, starting with a painting presenting Prof. Stanisław Tołpa, painted by Antoni Michalak, and a portrait of Prof. Jerzy Kowalski, painted by Andrzeja Dobrzanieckiego, and also portraits of Professors Alfred Sanze, Aleksander Tychowski, Tadeusz Garbuliński, Ryszard Badura, Józef Dzieżyc, Henryk Balbierz, Bronisław Jabłoński, Jerzy Juszczak, Tadeusz Szulc and Michał Mazurkiewicz, painted by Wrocław artist Dariusz Godlewski.

Prof. Józef Sowiński now a honorary professor of Kostanai Social-Technical University

On 20 May Prof. Józef Sowiński from the Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology was given the title of Honorary Professor of Kostanai Social-Technical University in Kazakhstan.