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UPWr Doctoral School


Why UPWr Doctoral School?

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences is not only a leading educational facility in Poland, but also an internationally reputable research centre. With our foreign partners, we are engaged in ground-breaking research relating to innovative technologies in production, food safety, biological and environmental medicine, clinical veterinary medicine, pre-clinical trials on animal models, climate change, sustainable farming systems, including horticulture, alternative energy sources, environmental protection methods, and global satellite-assisted observation.

The research work at UPWr is driven by a single goal—to change the world around us in harmony with the principles of peaceful coexistence and sustainable development.

The UPWr Doctoral School provides training in seven disciplines and in three fields:

  1. Natural Sciences:

      • Biological Sciences;

  2. Agricultural Science:

      • Agriculture and horticulture,

      • Nutrition and food technology,

      • Veterinary Science,

      • Animal Science and Fisheris;

  3. Engineering and Technology:

      • Civil Engineering and Transport,

      • Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy.