Republic of Poland

Institute of Building and Infrastructure

Scientific and research activity:

  • Research on concrete silos for loose materials.
  • Research on concrete load-bearing systems of high buildings.
  • Research on ballistic shelters and building elements of protective buildings.
  • Research on rheological properties of cement slurries.
  • Research on durability and load of building elements.
  • Concrete protective building.
  • Energy-efficient building.
  • Passive building
  • Water and irrigation building.
  • Building physics.
  • Hydraulic model research.
  • Plumbing systems of water buildings.
  • Infrastructure of road and rail transport.
  • Wide spread constructions.
  • Functional modeling of surfaces and foundations of roads and railways and transport buildings.
  • Renewable energy sources.
  • Designing of construcions resistant to exceptionally heavy loads.
  • Inventory building optimisation.
  • Efficient shaping of steel and concrete bridge constructions.
  • Stability and load-bearing capacity of layered constructions.
  • Technologies of casual, hydrotechnical, waterproof and special concretes.
  • Theory of building designing.
  • Durability of concrete, steel and wooden buildings.
  • Utilization of asbestos-cement blocks.
  • Using waste materials in concrete technology.
  • Durability of old steel rail bridges.

Cooperation with economy an administration:

The staff of the Department cooperate with local government units and firms in matters related to water supply, sewage systems, purification systems, preparation of water-legal documentation on water-wastewater management as well as the assessment of technical condition of agricultural buildings.