Republic of Poland

Institute of Landscape Architecture

Scientific and research activity:

  • landscape and dendrological expertises,
  • engineering, design and protection of landscape in river valleys,
  • stone in landscape architecture,
  • landscape in the plans of national parks, nature reserves and scenic parks,
  • landscape in studies and plans of land management,
  • engineering constructions in landscape,
  • assessment of the influence of planned investments on landscape and environment,
  • protection, perception and cultural identity,
  • protection of nature and plans of protected areas,
  • transformations of town, rural and suburban landscape,
  • revalorisation of historic engineering and fortification complexes in landscape,
  • recultivation of degraded areas,
  • revitalisation of town and rural parks,
  • revalorisation of historic parks,
  • social and legal aspects of landscape management,
  • garden art,
  • water in architecture,
  • development of recreation, sports and exhibition areas.

Within the Institute, there are: Art Studio, Project Studio, „Green Roof” Laboratory (preparation stage) and two research stations at the “Stawy Milickie” reserve and the Lipki-Oława polder.


Cooperation with economy and administration:

The Institute cooperates with local self-governments of Lower Silesia and Opole Silesia within the Leader programme, revitalisation and development of rural areas and other initiatives.