Republic of Poland

Department of Reproductive and Clinic of Farm Animals

Scientific and research activity:

  • studies the physiology and pathology of reproduction of domestic animals and wildlife;
  • reproduction control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system, increasing and optimizing reproductive potential and productivity of animals;
  • endocrinology, cytology, microbiology of the reproductive system and new imaging techniques;
  • the practical use of assisted reproductive technology in the collection and storage of male (semen banking: Wroclaw Semen Bank of Companion and Wild Animals) and female gametes, the in vitro maturation and fertilization and also embryo transfer;
  • methods for males reproductive potential evaluation with the use of the modern diagnostic techniques including flow cytometry and computer assisted sperm analysis of motility and morphology;
  • studies on species: cattle, horses, dogs, pigs, domestic and wild felines, sheep, goats, rabbits, hares, deer, bison and poultry.