Republic of Poland

Department of Agroecosystems and Green Areas Management

Major research areas:

  • Interactions between components of agrocenosis
  • Biology, ecology and control of weeds especially with agrotechnical methods
  • Optimization of environmental conditions for crops
  • Changes in soil properties under varying tillage methods
  • New technologies of soil tillage and plant cultivation including sustainable agriculture, organic farming (conservation tillage, direct drilling, crop mixtures, eco-friendly methods to increase productivity of crops)
  • Optimization of cultivation of plants for energy
  • Planning of crop rotations and ecological and productive results of their simplifications
  • Reclamation of fallows, renaturalization of post-flotation reservoirs
  • The assessment of meadow flora
  • Using feed from grasslands to optimize milk and beef production
  • Visual and functional assessment turfs and species of lawns
  • Stocktaking and environmental assessment of agricultural and natural ecosystems
  • Planning, reclamation and formation of parks, turfs and other green areas
  • Analysis of usefulness of grasses for reclamation and revitalization, organization and nurturing of landscape