Republic of Poland

Horizon 2020


National Information Day

Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU)

3-4 March, 2020 Wroclaw

The event is organized by the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr - a member of the Bio-Based Industries Consortium) with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW), Wrocław Technology Park S.A. (WPT), NUTRIBIOMED Klaster, the National Contact Point and Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), as well as Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC).

Among the guests of the event there will be representatives of the European Commission and the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC), including representatives of European large and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), regional clusters, European trade associations, and European technology platforms and UPWr students who have expanded their entrepreneurship competences.

The objective of the meeting on the 3rd of March is:

  • presenting the distinguished projects of UPWr students developed as part of the entrepreneurship classes,
The objective of the meeting on the 4th of March are:
  • presenting the subject of the BBI JU 2020 competition for the bio industry,
  • providing information on how to apply, prepare applications and form project consortia,
  • presenting and exchanging information about the opportunities that result from the BBI JU public-private partnership, affecting increased investment in the development of a sustainable industry sector based on bioeconomy both in Poland and Europe,
  • presenting the projects financed under BBI JU with the participation of European and Polish companies,
  • establishing contacts aimed at cooperation for this year's BBI JU calls.

Registration form shall be sent to the following address:

Detailed organizational information along with the agenda will be provided to you shortly. We encourage you to book a date in the calendar. Registration requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

PDF file BBI JU National Info Day Poland - agenda PDF file, 380.37 KB
2020-02-20 12:08


Registration will be open from 9:00 to 9:30.

The address of the Wroclaw Technology Park venue is:

Wrocławski Park Technologiczny S.A.

DELTA Building

ul. Duńska 9, Wrocław

How to get to the venue:

Wroclaw Technology Park is located right in the centre of highly industrialized part of the city, just 5 km from Wrocław Motorway Bypass, 8 km from International Airport and 4 km from Main Railway Station. From the airport it takes about 9 min by taxi to get and about 30 min by bus no 106.


The hotel nearest to the venue is the following:

Park Hotel Diament (2 min walking distance to the conference venue)

The other recommended hotels located in the city centre with Wroclaw Town Hall and Wroclaw Market Square nearby are the following:

Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum

Radisson Blu Hotel Wroclaw

John Paul II Hotel

Presentations for download

PDF file Agata Foks – Rola Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego w działaniach BBI JU PDF file, 849.16 KB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Jean-François Hulot – Bioeconomy and the European Green Deal PDF file, 4.08 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Pilar Llorente – Bio based industries Joint Undertaking BBI JU Info day Poland PDF file, 2.56 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Nelo Emerencia – Introducing BIC: its activities and benefits for members PDF file, 3.97 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Jerzy Kozyra, Wiesław Oleszek, Magdalena Borzęcka, Zofia Giersz, Justyna Cieślikowska, Piotr Łysoń – Bio-economy – current status, trends and prospects in strategic documents and initiatives in Poland. BIOEASTsUP – coordination and support project for the development of bioeconomy strategy PDF file, 3.32 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Pilar Llorente – BBI JU Call 2020 PDF file, 2.31 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Nelo Emerencia – Case studies for BBI JU Info day Poland PDF file, 5.79 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Nelo Emerencia – Deep Eutectic Solvents in the pulp and paper industry PDF file, 25.52 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Bartosz Ziółkowski, Selena Labs – Advanced biobased polyurethanes and fibres for the automotive industry with increased environmental sustainability PDF file, 2.73 MB
2020-03-05 11:00
PDF file Joanna Kułdo – Innowacyjna społeczność, zaawansowane technologie i wsparcie dla biznesu - Potencjał Klastra NUTRIBIOMED dla sektora biogospodarki PDF file, 2.01 MB
2020-03-05 11:00