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T1. Project Coordination

T2. KO + workshop                                          

T3. Workshop

T4. Workshop
T5. PhD and staff exchange

T6. Partnership promotion

                                        T7. Workshop

Gantt chart of INCREaSE project.

Task 1. Project coordination

Project Management Team (PMT) consists of: Project Coordinator, Administration & Finance Manager, Research Coordinators (each for biotechnology and geodesy), representative of Partners’ academic staff acting as Partner’s coordinator.  PMT is responsible for the overall management of the project, especially supervision of the staff exchange. UPWr coordinators are responsible for the organisation of meetings and workshops. PMT is serving as helpdesk for queries by project participants as well is responsible for keeping the project on track and mitigating the risks of the project.

Task 2. Kick-off meeting and workshops (3-day event)

Kick-off meeting is aimed to launch the project and provide an overview of the project approach, activities and main outputs. The project Partners will discuss the tasks and exchange on the possible challenges and risks.

The two-day workshops parallel on geodesy and biotechnology is aimed to identify research areas to jointly conduct scientific works during exchange as well present the cutting-edge technologies and research challenges in these fields. The target groups are master students, PhDs, young researchers also outside the Partnership.

Workshop “Geodetic techniques in geophysics, environment monitoring and smart cities” - will cover space geodetic techniques such as VLBI, SLR and GNSS as well as spatial BigData, LiDAR and UAV applications to detect and resolve environmental and societal issues.

Workshop “Synthetic biology approaches for biotechnological processes using microorganisms” - will include advanced genetic tools for genome engineering.

Task 3. Research workshop “Remote sensing of the environment” (2-day event)

The workshop is aimed at the exchange of scientific ideas on modern applications of environmental remote sensing in local, regional and global research. The training and promotional aspect is important then it is assumed to dedicate part of the workshops to a practical tasks on processing of satellite observations, e.g. from the Sentinel mission. It is also great opportunity to follow-up the progress on joint research works.

Task 4. Research workshop “Combining synthetic biology and systems biology” (2-day event)

The workshop is intended to cover two aspects of system biology: creating comprehensive maps of physical and functional connections between cell-interacting molecules and the development of quantitative models of these processes, based on a holistic understanding of a given pathway. Participants are introduced to leading-edge methodology on mapping and creating cellular models. Additionally, the workshops are an occasion to sum up the results of performed academic exchange and plan future works.

Task 5. PhD and academic staff exchange

This task is align with the UPWr strategic objectives on internationalisation. The Authorities, aware of tangible benefits flowing from international exchange, emphasize that the process of education and raising the academic qualifications of PhD students and academic staff should be partially held in renowned research centers abroad.

The project assumes a series of academic staff and PhD mobilities which are aimed at conducting research works. In order to maximize the benefits of the internship, the mid-term visits are planned for PhD students (from 30-day to 90-day stay) and short-term visits - for experience researchers. Joint publications and preparation of an international research project application are expected outcomes of the task.

Formal issues to deal with before leaving the home institution

 What?  When?  Comments
Application Form and Internship Plan The latest 1 month before arrival
Signed document, duly filled in, should be sent to UPWr International Relations Office at

Letter of Acceptance Before signing the agreement
Letter of Acceptance (LoA) is signed by Coordinator at Host institution. It shall be send directly to the Project Participant.

The Project Participant forward LoA to International Relations Office at

(outgoing from UPWr) Financial Agreement

(incoming to UPWr)
Financial Agreement

To be signed at least 2 weeks before leaving

To be signed at least 2 weeks before arrival

Signed document, duly filled in, should be sent to UPWr at:

Formal issues connected with the end of the exchange

 What?  When?  Comments
Report form The latest 30 days after completion of the internship
The report along with financial statement and photographs shall be send at:

Task 6. Partnership promotion

A set of activities aimed at promoting joint research during international conferences and visits among Partners, as well creating and strenghtening international cooperation networks with foreign partners, which will result in joint applications for research projects. The target group of the task is also administrative staff employed in international units of the Partners. Their involvement and comprehensive support for exchange procedures and submitting joint project proposal will benefit from the study visit and result in more effective institutional collaboration.

Task 7. Workshop Teaching & doing science - challenges for the future

The workshops cover two aspects:

  1. research - works in project groups will enable an in-depth knowledge of the scientific issue, interdisciplinary solution of the project problem and development of scientific cooperation. The participants will present the performed research during the exchange (task 5) and together with external consultant the future project proposal and source of funding will be defined;
  2. educational - modern education methods and teaching solutions will be presented and model of scientific career will be discussed among Partners.