Republic of Poland



Project Coordinator

Katarzyna Kopańczyk is working in the International Relations Office, her role is to support and coordinate international research application (e.g. H2020), as well as develop a network of strategic partners for international research collaboration.


tel. +48 71 320 5266


Administration and Finance Manager

Kamila Ziarko is working in the Science Department and within the INCREaSE project her role is to support all administrative and financial aspects, tracking and archiving the whole project documentation generated throughout the project’s lifecycle; preparing of periodic and final financial statements.


tel. +48 71 320 5266


Geodesy Coordinator, UPWr

Witold Rohm is Professor of Remote Sensing at UPWr, his research is closely related to the use of GNSS observations in atmosphere sensing, The RS group is also working on radar remote sensing, machine learning applications in population flows and sensor integration for deformation studies.


tel. +48 71 320 5610


Biotechnology Coordinator, UPWr

Zbigniew Lazar deals with metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of microorganisms. His group at UPWr works with the model Yarrowia lipolytica yeast and is particularly focused on sugar metabolism, cell wall biogenesis as well as lipid derived compounds for biotechnology and medicine.


tel. +48 71 320 7735


Biotechnology Coordinator, ICL

Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro is working at the interface of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. His group at Imperial College London is using cutting-edge technologies to engineer cell metabolism and synthetic microbial communities for applications in biomedicine and biotechnology.



Geodesy Coordinator, TUW

Johannes Boehm is Professor of Higher Geodesy at TU Wien, Austria. The focus of his research is on geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) for the determination of global terrestrial and celestial reference frames as well as Earth orientation parameters. Atmospheric effects in space geodesy have also been an ongoing topic.



Geodesy Coordinator, TUD

Hans-Gerd Maas is Professor of Photogrammetry at TU Dresden, Germany.  His research focus in photogrammetry and laser scanning is on the integration of sensors and processing algorithms for the development of efficient solutions for challenging measurement tasks.



Biotechnology Coordinator, TUD

Thorsten Mascher is a Full Professor of General Microbiology at the Technische Universität (TU) Dresden. His current research revolves around bacterial signal transduction, gene regulation and its Synthetic Biology application in Gram-positive bacteria. The aims are understanding how bacteria respond to antibiotic stress and developing genetic tools and approaches to harness the great potential of Bacillus subtilis as a biotechnological workhorse.