Rzeczpospolita Polska

Agriculture-Environment-Natural Resources (AgrEn)



Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Institute of Soil Sciences and Environmental Protection

Professor Cezary Kabała, ScD

ul. Grunwaldzka 53, 50-357 Wrocław

tel. (071) 320 1943
e-mail: cezary.kabala@upwr.edu.pl

The Base of Knowledge of UPWr

Areas of interest

  1. Impact of climate warming on natural ecosystems and agroekosystems

  2. Natural and human-derived changes in plant communities

  3. Impact of changes in land use and crop technologies on the carbon dioxide sequestration and carbon pools in soils

  4. Transformation of mountain ecosystems

  5. Changes in soil quality and an increase in health and ecological risks under the influence of industry and mining

  6. Using of fungi to environmental bioindication

  7. Investigations on the origin, transformations, productivity and current threats for main soil types in Lower Silesia and Poland

  8. The impacts of soil quality on the quality of food

  9. Protection and development of soil ecosystem function in the urbanized landscapes

  10. Soil reclamation and restoring of agricultural or forest productivity for the post-mining and post-industrial terrains

  11. Impact of innovative fertilizers and soil additives (both organic and mineral ones) on the quality and productivity of soils

  12. Factors influencing the biodegradation and preservation of pesticide residuals in the soils

Key words: climate change,  ecosystem monitoring, natural succession, agroecosystems, invasive plant species, carbon sequestration, warming gases, soil biology,  environmental mycology, soil protection, nature conservation, remediation of degraded lands, groundwater quality, health risk, ecological risk, food quality, ecosystem functions