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prof. dr hab. Cezary Kabała


He was graduated at the Wrocław University of Agriculture, getting specialisation in degradation, management and protection of soil environment in agricultural and forest ecosystems. He carried out research projects focus on the impacts of mining and smelting on the quality of soils and plants, on the “ecological disaster” in the Izerskie Mts, Karkonosze Mts and in Eastern Sudeten, on the spatial differentiation and pedogenic processes in the mountain and lowland ecosystems, rates of soil-forming processes and carbon sequestration in the polar and mountain ecosystems, seasonal variability of soil solution quality under mineral fertilisation and under chemical contamination.

Recently, he concerned on multi-disciplinary paleoenvironmental reconstructions, which have importance for current functions and managements of soils and ecosystems.

He is a member of research councils of two national parks (Karkonosze Mts NP and Stołowe Mts NP), and Vice-President of the Soil Science Society of Poland, where he serves as a head of the Commission for Soil Genesis, Classification and Cartography.

dr hab. inż. Aleksandra Halarewicz, prof. uczelni


She graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Agricultural Academy in Wroclaw. In 2000 she defended her doctoral dissertation and in 2013 she obtained a post-doctoral degree in agricultural sciences. Since 2000, she has been employed at the Department of Botany and Plant Ecology, Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

In the first years of scientific activity, she dealt with the aphid ecology and the search for pro-ecological methods to reduce the number of these insects in agricultural crops. Current scientific interests relate to invasive plant species and mechanisms of transformation in flora and vegetation of disturbed forest ecosystems and agrophytocenoses.

Non-scientific interests: traveling, ethnic music, cooking, non-fiction.

dr. hab. Magdalena Szymura, prof. uczelni


Biologist, PhD dissertation entitled ‘Morphological differentiation of epidermis of selected species from Asterace family’ she defended in 2004, habilitation she obtained in 2016 on the basis of publication cycle entitled ‘Invasion of goldenrods (Solidago L. and Euthamia Nutt.) in south-western Poland’.

She has been working at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences in since 2004. Her research is focused mainly on invasive species, their impact on environment, methods of elimination and habitat restaration, particularly grasslands habitats. She also studies methods of meadows and pastures biodiversity maintaining.

She is a member of International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS), Polish Botanical Society, Polish Association of Landscape Ecology, Polish Grasslands Society.

Non-scientific interests: Baroque music and impressionist painting, as well as mountain tours.

dr hab. inż. Wojciech Pusz, profesor uczelni
dr hab. inż. Piotr Komarnicki
dr inż. Jarosław Waroszewski
dr Irmina Ćwieląg-Piasecka
dr hab. inż. Katarzyna Szopka
dr Rafał Tyszka
dr hab. Jacek Urbaniak, profesor uczelni