Republic of Poland

Department of Botany and Plant Ecology

Major research areas:

  • Research on the flora, vegetation and functioning of the pristine mountain and lowland ecosystems with focus on the Sudetes Mountains and their foreland. Investigating the extent, reasons and mechanisms of the progressive degradation of biodiversity in various habitats of Lower Silesia.
  • The influence of global climatic changes on the transformations and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in the Arctic on the example of the Svalbard archipelago.
  • Ecological consequences of industrial, agricultural and municipal contamination; indicative role of various organisms – vascular plants, algae, bryophytes and lichens.
  • Research on the peatland ecology with the special attention to the problems dealing with the biological consequences of the disturbances of their hydrology, as well as methods of the conservation of mires and their rare plant species.
  • Paleophytosociology of mires determining their development history on the basis of macroscopic fossil records.
  • Research on the taxonomy and biosystematics of algae using morphological and molecular methods.
  • The biology of invasive plant species in Lower Silesia.