Republic of Poland

Department of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Seed Production

Major research areas:

  • Genetic basis of cereals and maize breeding
  • Studies on the effect of genotype-environment interaction in cereals
  • The improvement in regenerated doubled haploids of wheat, maize, rye and Lupinus species
  • Variability and inheritance of quantitative traits in cereals and lupin
  • Construction of a genetic linkage map of rye using molecular markers
  • Application of molecular map of rye genome for localization and identification of QTLs loci
  • Studies on genetic sources of powdery mildew resistance in rye inbred lines, strains and cultivars
  • Using of molecular markers in Marker-Assisted Selection for some traits in plant breeding materials
  • Evaluation of interspecific hybrids in Lupinus genus
  • Cytogenetic characterization of interspecific hybrids in genus Lupinus
  • Construction of selection indices in maize breeding materials
  • Heterosis and breeding value of initial materials of maize
  • Effect of laser radiation on rooting and quality of seedlings of selected ornamental shrubs
  • Analysis of the laser light effects on selected plant seeds
  • Breeding and maintaining of Oenothera paradoxa cultivars
  • Maintenance of Helianthus tuberosus
  • In vitro cultures of ornamental and protected plants
  • Creating of collections of
    • pure lines, isogenic lines and cultivars of wheat
    • inbred lines and populations of rye
    • breeding materials in Oenothera paradoxa breeding
    • breeding materials of Lupinus mutabilis
    • cultivars of Lupinus angustifolius