Republic of Poland

Department of Horticulture

Major research areas:

I Division of Vegetable Crops , Plant Nutrition and Medicinal Plants Cultivation

  • Research programme involving the development of new methods of vegetable and medicinal plant cultivation in the open field and under protected conditions
  • The study of biology and possible introduction new species of vegetables and herbs into cultivation in Poland
  • Elaboration on pro- ecological technologies of vegetable crops production
  • The assessment of suitability of different plastic materials for mulching and covering of plants in vegetable crops production
  • Developing of new methods of wintering the vegetable crops in the open field
  • Evaluation of new developed cultivars of vegetables and herbs produced for fresh market supply
  • The assessment of suitability new synthetic and organic growing media for horticultural crops
  • Optimization of mineral fertilization of vegetables and herbs cultivated in the open field and under protected conditions

II Division of Fruit Growing

  • Estimation of growth and yielding widely grown and acclimatized cultivars of apple, peach pear, sweet cherry and apricot on the Lower Silesia area
  • Evaluation of some agrotechnical methods (planting and training of trees, mulching, term and type of pruning) on the growth crop yield and quality in the intensive fruit production
  • Mulching of soil in the tree rows as a method suitable for the organic production
  • Estimation of dwarf rootstock Pumiselect for peach tree with special focus on the propagation methods, quality of nursery material growth and yield of high density peach tree
  • Evaluation of some agrotechnical methods for improving soil moisture conditions in the nursery production one- or two-years old trees
  • Evaluation of Nashi, Japanese plum and very late apple cultivars on the Lower Silesia area.

III Division of Ornamental Plants and Dendrology

  • Estimation of growth regulators on rooting of cuttings of some ornamental plant species
  • Developmental anatomy of some ornamental plant species
  • Synantropic flora in Wrocław and Lower Silesia region
  • Estimation of decorative value of little known annual and perennial species
  • Ornamental plants on rural cemeteries of Lower Silesia