Republic of Poland

Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management

Major research areas

  • Research on possibilities of controlling immune system of animals, quality of products of animal origin and minimizing emission of metabolites to the environment through proper nutrition and quality of feed.
  • Physiology of nutrition, decreasing protein level in diets and reducing nitrogen emission to the environment in feeding pigs and poultry
  • Feeding calves, young beef cattle and cows based on INRA system
  • Physiological and biochemical factors determining utilisation of feed ingredients in alimentary tract of ruminants
  • Mechanisms of action of biologically active substances in feeding pigs, poultry and calves
  • Digestion and fermentation of structural hydrocarbons in poultry and pigs
  • Utilisation of seeds, mill-cake and post-extraction bruised grain of new rape varieties in animal nutrition
  • Designing feeding systems for cattle and sheep in various regions of Lower Silesia
  • Estimation of yield and nutritive value of feed crops, utilisation of mineral components in livestock.
  • New systems of protein evaluation in cattle
  • Digestion and utilisation of hydrocarbons in poultry, addition of biologically active substances and herbs to feed for pigs and poultry, mineral metabolism in cattle, improvement of rape-based nutrition