Republic of Poland

Institute of Environmental Protection and Development

Scientific and research activity:

General focus of scientific activity of the Institute is environmental protection and development of environmental balance under the irrigational influence. It includes the following tasks:

  • recognizing water flows and eroded materials in uncontrolled drainage basins and anticorrosion protection;
  • evaluation of the influence of forests and afforestation on the environment;
  • improvement of techniques and technology for dewatering and irrigating arable lands, woodlands and recreational areas taking into consideration economical, social and environmental aspects;
  • developing new methods for neutralizing and using liquid and solid waste materials in farming;
  • proecological systems of water management in river valleys;
  • water flow modeling in soil profile, in water-irrigation systems, on fish farms and adjacent areas, and in areas under the influence of water retention;
  • water management of fish farms and evaluation of their influence on the environment;
  • improvement of execution processes and exploitation of devices and irrigation systems in terms of increasing the labour quality, usage reliability, valuable environmental resources protection and sustaining balanced economic development;
  • agroclimatic bonitation of Poland and agroclimatic regionalization of the Sudety;
  • evaluation of the impact of anthropopression on water circulation in agricultural ecosystems;
  • evaluation of weather impact on the increase, development and yielding of cultivated plants;
  • forecasting water levels in soil in spring;
  • new methods of meteorological data archiving for environment monitoring;
  • improvement of methods for estimating evaporation from water surfaces and real evapotranspiration;


Cooperation with economy and administration:

On commission of economic entities, the Institute performs, in its specialist laboratory, physical and chemical tests of soil, water and wastewater. The staff prepare expertises, opinions and research-study works related to water management in agriculture, the influence on water-reclamation investments on natural environment and to the influence of weather and climate on the yield of plants.