Republic of Poland

Institute of Environmental Engineering

Scientific and research activity:

  • hydraulic model studies of water constructions,
  • mathematical modeling of the processes of hydrological cycle,
  • management and use of water resources,
  • modeling of water flows in watercourses including rubble transport,
  • design and water management in retention reservoirs,
  • technology of hydrotechnical concretes,
  • safety of water constructions,
  • the influence of agricultural activity on quality and quantity changes in environment,
  • technology, construction and exploitation of hydrotechnical banks of dense, organic and anthropogenic soils,
  • geotechnics of soil hydrotechnical constructions,
  • storage and management of solid mining and industrial waste and assessment of its influence on the environment
  • hydrotransport and rheology,
  • optimization of pump station processes,
  • systems of distribution of contaminated water,
  • analysis of environmental threats (natural and anthropogenic).
  • Optimal technical and movement solutions for sluices.
  • Construction analysis for water and agricultural building.


Cooperation with economy and administration:

The Institute conducts research studies in the fields corresponding to its research and scientific activity. Priority is given to experimental research in the water lab, geotechnical lab and concrete lab, which are equipped with modern hardware for measurements. Research studies, expertises and opinions are also performed for units of economy as well as for national and local administration. The staff of the Institute provide consulting services and offer specialist trainings for engineers. The pipe installation available at the Institute is used for research on mixture flows on semi-technological scale. Models and prognoses of flood wave transformations are also prepared at the Institute. Installation for studying flows in vertical pipelines in deep-sea mining, e.g. for nodule mining from ocean beds, is also available at the Institute.