Republic of Poland

Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

The research themes in Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics concentrate on the main issue:

Monitoring of environmental and anthropogenic phenomena with use of satellite, geodetic and photogrammetric techniques as well as cartography and geographic information systems.

The issue, which is connected with development of Geodesy and Cartography, and other scientific disciplines of Earth science, embraces thematic research groups:

  • monitoring of changes in natural environment and engineering works with use of satellite, geodetic and other techniques
  • multi-facet modeling of spatial phenomena
  • optimization of technology of geodata acquisition, processing and sharing
  • building spatial data infrastructures

In particular, there are research projects undertaken that embrace:

  • three dimensional monitoring of active tectonic zones
  • monitoring of relative displacements of blocks crust
  • improvements of GNSS observations processing methods
  • modelling of the state of the atmosphere based on the GNSS and the meteorological observations
  • continuation of the permanent GNSS and the meteorological observations at the Wroclaw station (WROC)
  • increase accuracy of local determination of geoid and quasi-geoid with use of gravimetric data
  • improvement of fiber and laser technology for monitoring of engineering objects
  • monitoring of river valleys with use of laser scanning; hydrodynamic modelling
  • creating precise numeric terrain models
  • monitoring of terrain surface’s changes with use of radar interferometry
  • geodata modeling
  • modeling of geoinformation basaed on laser scanning data
  • cartographic modelling of distributions of continuous phenomena characteristics discretely identified
  • sonic coding system of spatial data in cartography and educational programs
  • use of numerical taxonomic methods and cartographic models
  • assessment of reliability of spatial information in GIS
  • multi-resolution topographic database as NSDI component in Poland
  • application of neural networks to classification and generalization of raster images
  • implementation of spatial web services
  • using semantic networks for spatial data discovery and integration
  • development of open software for geodesy and GIS
  • generalization of topographic maps