Republic of Poland

Agricultural engineering

Doctoral studies are preparing for work on a research or research and development in the discipline of agricultural engineering. Graduate receives relevant for this level competencies and skills. In particular, obtains knowledge and abilities of methodological research in the agricultural sciences. It has the ability to formulate scientific hypotheses and producing and evaluating scientific papers. Obtains solid and advanced substantive knowledge in the field of agricultural engineering and environment, as well as in economics, statistics, pedagogy, methodology and research ethics. Graduate includes the technical and non-technical aspects of using technology in plant and animal production. He has skills in the operation of technical objects, as well as in controlling processes and systems for production encountered in agriculture, agri-food industry and forestry. Graduate, with a critical and original, analyzes problems affecting the production and quality of food, environment and natural resources. He is able propose new rules and methods of action (including techniques and technologies), adapted to the natural resources in order to improve the quality of human life. PhD thesis is an original solution of scientific issue in the field of agricultural engineering.