Republic of Poland

Welcome guide for international students


Living in Wrocław and study at the WUELS offers you a unique and exciting opportunity to learn about Polish culture but also about people and their lifestyle. There are few times in our lives when we have a chance to live so close to many different people. This is the time you will see more world, YOU WILL DEVELOP your language skills, you will find new interests, you will make lifelong friends, you will have an opportunity for personal development and life experience.

This guide has been written having you in mind and hoping that the information it contains will help you answer your questions and prepare well for your study in Wrocław.

It is advisable to read the entire guide because the information included in it will be relevant to you in the future. We recommend you to download the guide on your mobile. You will then have all the necessary information and useful telephone numbers if anything comes up.

If, after reading the information, you still have some questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the people listed in this guide. They will be pleased to help you. If you have more general questions and you are not sure who is the person in charge, please contact the International Student Support Office: .

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2019-02-04 11:46