Republic of Poland


The Rector and four Vice-Rectors are elected every four years and can only be re-elected once. The Administrative Senate of the University which is headed by the Rector, is a body comprised of faculty and staff members and student representatives, who are also elected for a four-year term. The Chancellormanages and controls the non-academic affairs of the University.



Prof. dr hab. inż. Jarosław Bosy

tel. 71 320 5100, -5101, - 5113


Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations

Prof. dr hab. inż. Aneta Wojdyło

tel. 71 320 5479

fax 71 320 5290


Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education

Prof. dr hab. inż. Damian Knecht

tel. 71 320 1044


Vice-Rector for Innovation and Business Cooperation

Prof. dr hab. Anna Chełmońska-Soyta

tel. 71 320 1025


Vice-Rector for Development

Prof. dr hab. inż. Adam Szewczuk

tel. 71 320 5108, -5163

fax 71 320 5137